Title Loans in Westmoreland, IL

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Why You Need Title Loans in Westmoreland

Title loans are a significant constituent of the small-dollar lending industry and are geared toward folks who need a small amount of cash quickly to pull through a financial crisis. People don't borrow with these short-term lending services unless they really need to, but they can be lifesavers when friends and family are unable to assist. While unsecured loans of this caliber tend to push huge interest rates and ridiculous fees, Westmoreland and Online title loans in Rockford are secured with your auto title, allowing us to keep the overhead charges low to the floor.

Not only does this make title loans in Westmoreland affordable, but it also makes it quick to apply and easy to qualify. All you'll need is a clear title, a vehicle of significant value and proof of steady income; we'll churn out an online title loan quote for you to give you an idea of what we're willing to lend. Bear in mind that you keep the vehicle while the loan is out, so you're free to continue driving to work or the grocery store as you normally would. Finally, after everything has been paid off, you receive your title back in the same shape that it was given.

Try Our Online Application for Title Loans in Westmoreland, IL

If it sounds like title loans are the best option for you, we can help you get started! We have an application page where you can fill out your contact information, minor vehicle details and your ZIP code so we know that you're inside a serviceable area. Once you submit it, take some time to write down your questions and concerns; you should receive a call within 15-30 minutes from a loan assistant who can help you understand how our process works and what you'll need to move forward with us.

Keep in mind that because your title forms the collateral for title loans in Westmoreland, it must be "clear": no liens, no unpaid taxes and no restrictions. If you default on your loan, we can use the title to possess the vehicle for resale purposes, which allows us to recover what wasn't paid on the loan. However, this also means that the market value of said vehicle is of importance to us when we consider your application, and we refer to credible sources such as Kelley Blue Book when determining the value of your loan. We accept titles from both land and water vehicles, and in certain cases, we can accept applicants who are collecting unemployment or disability.

Need-to-Know Details

First and foremost, title loans in Westmoreland aren't unregulated. In fact, there are many strict laws surrounding the creation and distribution of such loans, which protects you from entrapment, usury and privacy breaches down the road. Additionally, every assistant in our offices is certified, trained and approved by the state government to carry out the duties of a loan agency, meaning they understand the importance of client confidentiality. We don't sell your information or otherwise give it away to anyone.

Your vehicle won't be repossessed unless your loan payments fall more than 30 days behind. If you think you're going to be late, let us know so we can consider a refinance for you. We also offer title loan buyouts to help you escape from an unfavorable lender. Claiming and reselling your vehicle is a last resort for us, and we don't consider it a desirable course of action since everyone loses — yes, even us. Communicate with us, and we'll work with you to get you back on your feet once again.